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Roof Repair Services in Sydney

Most of the time, your roof protects you from the elements and keeps you snug and dry. However, when bad weather, animals or trees damage your roof, then you need the help of experienced roof repair specialists. Rely on DJ Daisley & Sons to provide the services you need for a quality repaired roof in the Sydney area.

What Can Damage Your Roof?


While a roof can withstand many elements, certain things can damage and potentially wreck your roof permanently. These include:

  • Bad weather and trapped water that cause leaks

  • Storms that cause holes, invite pests and increase energy bills

  • Animals that can loosen your roof and cause holes

  • Trees that can cause holes or even roof collapse

  • Zero maintenance that allows small roof problems to grow into big ones


Whatever the reason for your roof damage, contact the experts at DJ Daisley & Sons for quality repair.

How Can DJ Daisley & Sons Help?

If you want a roofing company that has the experience to fix any roof repair problem, then DJ Daisley & Sons is your best choice.

As one of the oldest roofing companies around, we know the history, trends and technology of the local roofing industry. We also know the weather patterns and local issues that could impact your roof. We can fix the roof issues that other roofing companies can't.

Additionally, we are well-versed in various roofing materials. Whether you have a tile, slate or metal roof, we can assess your roof damage, explain your problem and your options and provide quality, long-lasting work.

Finally, we don't leave any mess behind. Repairing roofs can be messy, but don't worry. After we complete the repair, we pick up all debris and leave your property as clean as when we arrived.

A damaged roof can endanger your home and your health. Don't delay in calling for roof repair. Contact us on (02) 9798 7075 today.

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